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Best Accommodation in Canggu: Recommended Villas & Hotels in Canggu

JOOi Indonesia

Nov 7, 2022

Canggu has been crowned to be the “coolest place” of Bali, replacing Kuta and Seminyak area.

Canggu gained a rapid popularity in 2019, when Covid-19 hit us at the same year, forcing Bali into a total lockdown, some thought that Canggu won’t be able to gain their glory back but it's 2022, and Canggu is way more popular than ever.  Canggu offers you with the trendiest beach clubs, restaurants, cafes and even accommodations. We will share the most recommended villas and hotels that you can choose to accompany you for your next holiday in Canggu with JOOi.  

Cahaya Villa

Cahaya Villa Canggu is a brand-new luxury villa with four bedrooms and a private pool that is exquisitely tucked away in the centre of Canggu. You will be amazed by its harmony and adherence to nature. It will help you find inner calm and show off your mother earth energy to be in the paddy field, which is both captivating and soothing. 

Although Cahaya means Light, its cutting-edge construction welcomes you to take advantage of the summer breeze from the sunlight and the calm wind for your afternoon relaxing time.

Bianca Villa 

The radiant white architecture and bright furnishings of Villa Bianca Canggu represent the laid-back island way of life while also reflecting the relaxing style of living in Canggu. The villa, which has one bedroom and comes with a charming yurt and a kitchenette, is perfect for cool people needing a quick access to Canggu areas but also a terrific choice for families vacation.

The azure swimming pool that forms the centrepiece of Villa Bianca is a stunning contrast to the villa's bright white tones.

Talisman Villa

Talisman Villa Canggu will astound you with its stunning aesthetic design and meticulous architecture in the midst of Berawa's hectic vibes. The Two Unit of Three Bedrooms Villa embracing you with the modern touch and exquisite ambiance. 

Enjoy your ideal vacation on the Island of Gods with sunbathing and lounging on the rooftop adjacent to each villa, while this "Twin Villa" arrangement is nearly identical, Talisman Villa Canggu will fascinate you with the different vibe and ambiance.

Coconut Spring Villa 

One of the nicest modern-traditional villas is Coconut Spring, which is situated in Canggu, Bali. The reed-made wall and roof are clear examples of the modern-traditional Bali design. Make yourself at home and take in the comfort. 

This 4-bedroom, 2-story property provides total seclusion while being close to everything nearby. Coconut Spring Villa offers the finest Bali experience you'll ever have. Since they only provide the most ideal service for your vacation in the Island. 

Café del Mar Bali is 6 minutes away, while Kayu Putih Beach is also around 6 minutes away, and several of Bali's renowned beach clubs are only 10 to 15 minutes away.

Citadines Berawa Beach 

Imagine the sound of waves, the tranquillity of the breeze, and a ray of sunlight while practising Yoga at sunset at Citadines Berawa Beach in Bali on your staycation. Citadines Berawa Beach Bali is a pet-friendly accommodation of choice for visitors who are travelling with their fur babies.

Citadines fully equipped amenities will give you all the comforts you need whether you are travelling alone, with friends, family, or a newborn. Enjoy a full access to the extensive amenities, which include a spacious rooftop, ground-floor swimming pools, a rooftop bar, a fitness area, a spa, a laundromat, a children's play area, a sky lounge, and function spaces, basically everything that you need to make this stay the most comfortable for you and your loved one.

Experience the best vacation of your life with JOOi as your best travel buddy. We are ready to help you plan your dream holiday with our Bali tour package deals, and a very special price on these Canggu hotels & villas that we mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and visit the beautiful Island of Gods with JOOi. 

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