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The Best Time to Visit Bali - Get the Best Out of Bali Weather

JOOi Indonesia

Nov 2, 2022

Bali is a lovely destination, as we've already mentioned, and will do so again. It's a place with a lot to offer, from the beaches bordering its southern coast to the jungle around Ubud, which is usually regarded as Bali's cultural capital. Your trip to Bali could be anything you want it to be: a tour of the island's many temples, a spiritual quest to learn more about Hinduism, a yoga retreat, an immersion in a five-star hotel, a trekking expedition, or all of the above.

Bali hosts several festivals and spiritual festivities every year, so you might decide to go there specifically for one of those events. It's ultimately up to you how you define your Balinese trip, and you might not know what you're looking for until you get there, and that’s okay. 

A great strategy to ensure your successful Bali experience is to get on the island at the proper time. Bali has two distinct seasons. This year, the rainy season is from September to December, and the dry season is from January to August.

The yearly average temperature stays close to 31 degrees Celsius with little fluctuation. Yet when it comes to Bali weather, humidity is a significant factor. During the rainy season, the humidity rises dramatically, making it muggier and, let's face it, sweatier. Depending on how you choose to spend your holiday, we've sketched out the ideal times to visit Bali below.

High Season in Bali

Just like any other tourist destination must-visit, Bali also has its high season. Bali's peak season lasts from April to August. March marks the start of the tourism upswing, which ends in the fall with a significant drop. As a result, June, July, August, and September saw peaks in hotel pricing. However, since it is a holiday season in November & December, significant tourist boosts happen during that time of the year, which results in higher hotel pricing in general.

Rainy Season in Bali

Bali's wet season this year runs from September to December, with the heaviest rain falling in October. While the rain brings mosquitoes and may prevent you from participating in sports like diving and surfing, it's not a deal-breaker if you're in Bali to visit temples, practice yoga, and find total serenity. You could discover that the serene rain in the Ubud forest enhances the tranquillity of your trip. If you don't mind a little rain, this is the time of year to visit the rainforest and rice fields, where the lush green hue and budding plants are worth seeing. However, if you plan to get some sun, and do some adventurous activities such as rafting, and paragliding, Bali weather in October is not ideal for all of that. 

Please be advised that mosquito season coincides with the rainy season. In these months, there is a higher chance of contracting diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever and malaria.

Perfect time to Hike Mount Batur 

The best time to go is between January and August if you want to spend your vacation trekking the volcano since it will be a low chance for you to see a rainy days. Mount Batur is undoubtedly Bali's most recognisable trek.

Our representative will pick you up from your accommodation at around 2 a.m. for the 1,717-metre (5,633-foot) trek once you book your Mount Batur Trekking package tour with us here. Delicious breakfast and hot coffee are waiting for you at the top of Mount Batur as you ascend the active volcano.

Best time to get to know Balinese Culture & Tradition 

The Bali Arts Festival, held in June and July, is one of the island's most well-known celebrations. On August 17, Indonesians celebrate Hari Kemerdekaan, or Indonesia Independence Day, with parades and outdoor activities. Galungan, a ten-day celebration of the victory of good over evil (dharma over adharma), takes place in January of the following year.

Keep in mind that if your visit is to experience a Hindu festival, Balinese Hindus frequently observe different holidays than Hindus in India. For instance, a feast called Galungan is vital in Balinese beliefs and tradition. However, it is not acknowledged in India. Before the Hindu's New Year, they commemorate Nyepi, which falls on March 23 in 2023.

Best time for Bali beach hopping

May, June, July, and August are the ideal months for a classic beach trip to Bali, with August being the driest month there. Additionally, since rain reduces underwater visibility and sunshine improves the underwater experience, these months are the greatest for diving and snorkelling. The Beach hopping experience at the island of Gods won’t be perfect without visiting the stunning Nusa Penida. 

Check out our Jack of All Nusa Penida Day Tour to explore the beautiful island, as well as take as many pictures as possible, just like our Jack of All travel style icon Allison. 

As an inspiring Bali travel agent and your best travel buddy. JOOi would love to accompany you in making your dream vacation a reality. Creating the best Bali tour package that is suitable for your needs and preferences is what we strive to do.

No matter what time of the year it's and what's your intention in visiting the island of Gods. Our travel expert and customer service will always be one call away if you ever need anything from us.

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