Andong Teras

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Editor's Note

Complete your little escape trip with Andong Teras Restaurant. Located at Jalan Andong Street, Ubud. Enjoy the peaceful and serene view of Bali as you feast into the many compelling dishes ranging from classic Indonesian dishes to western cuisine.

It was raining when we came. We were drenched wet, but hopefully, the staff welcomed us and brought us towels that mirrors their excellent hospitality. Later, we decided to order Soup Buntut Andong (oxtail soup). The oxtail is very tender, and the broth was very delicious and warm to our delight, not to mention the use of spices was very strong and had a very authentic Indonesian taste. We close our meal with an Antioxidant Mocktail, refreshing both our throat and palette.

Eat at Andong Teras Restaurant with JOOi.
As JOOi pass holders, you are eligible to get 10% Off, excluding alcohol
Usually the average spend is up to IDR 200,000/person
Best time to visit: Lunch & dinner time

Jl. Raya Andong Desa No.88


+62 361 3088 888


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