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5 Recommended Places for a Girls Day Out in Bali

What’s the best way to celebrate International Women’s Day?

International Women's Day is an important celebration celebrated on March 8 every year. Today everyone around the world celebrates the remarkable achievements of women fighting for their rights in the world. This day is best celebrated with friends. But what's a perfect day out without perfect planning? Here we have selected five perfect places for a Girls Day Out with your friends in Bali!

1. Brunch at Livingstone Café & Bakery


Brunch with the best coffee in hand is something delightful to start your day, especially with friends. Livingstone Café & Bakery is a must-visit when you are in Seminyak. The warm atmosphere is perfect for chatting and spending time with friends. Plus, the smell of baked goods will make you feel like at home.

Try and order its signature cup of Cappuccino with sprinkled Cinnamon. The unique mixture of bitter, sweet and warm will wake your body in the morning. You can also find many food selections to choose from, such as Smoothie Bowl, Smoked Salmon Smorreboard, and Veggie Omelette. You can also take a photo together with your friends because not only the place has a warm atmosphere, but it also has a beautiful aesthetic with a warm interior. Don't forget to bring your JOOi e-pass to get a 15% discount at Livingstone Café & Bakery.

2. Shopping at Bali Brasco


After a satisfying brunch, you can go ahead and visit Bali Brasco, the number one hotspot to go shopping with friends. Shopping is one of the best activities to make you closer with friends. Located on Jl. Sunset Road, you can find everything from clothes, bags, shoes, to cool accessories.

Bali Brasco is one of Bali's best one-stop shopping destinations, especially for those on vacation and looking for souvenirs to take home. You can find traditional Balinese clothes to contemporary. With everything available in one place, bringing your e-pass with you is a must. You can get up to a 10% discount at Bali Brasco only by being a pass holder!

3. Eat Lunch at Boheme Canggu


After a full day of shopping, you will start to catch an appetite and feel very hungry afterward. Not far from Bali Brasco, come and have lunch at Boheme Canggu. Unlike other restaurants, Boheme Canggu is a social hub where people can chat intensely while satisfying one's stomachs. You can enjoy lunch while looking at the view of the rice fields and dip in the swimming pool that can release your weariness.

Try ordering the Tuna Tartare, which is served with homemade tortillas as appetizer. For the main course, we totally recommend you to order the Marinated Grilled Octopus, which tastes so juicy and tasty. Don't forget to use JOOi e-pass because you can get up to 15% discounts at Boheme Canggu.

4. Facial and Massage at Goldust


Apart from shopping, a Girls Day Out will feel incomplete without a relaxing facial and massage. This activity can be more than just about body care; it can also be an unforgettable experience together with friends. Noteworthy for its 24 karat gold facials, you can only find this experience in Goldust. Goldust's gold facial can stimulate collagen production to prevent your face from wrinkles and aging.

After feeling radiant and hydrated, you can go ahead and get Goldust's signature massage. Your muscles will feel more relaxed and, at the same time, releases stress from everyday life. With faces covered in gold, you will feel like a million bucks. Take pictures together with your friends. This moment is best not forgotten. You can also get a 10% discount by using your JOOi e-pass.

5. Hangout with Friends at Single Finn


What's a vacation in Bali without stopping by to one of its famous beaches. After a massage at one of the noteworthy spas in Bali, go ahead and stop by at Labuan Sait Beach. The right time to go to this beach is around 4.30 pm. You can also relax at Single Finn, a bar on the edge of a cliff that directly faces the open ocean.

You can relax at Single Finn and order its signature burger famous to many or a pizza topped with ham and pineapple. Don't forget to order the signature cocktail, the cucumber crushed cocktail, or the espresso martini. Relaxing in the evening while watching the sunset will be a perfect way to close the day with your friends. Don't forget to bring your JOOi e-pass and get a 30% discount at Single Finn Uluwatu.

Well, that was our recommendation of places for you to spend time with your friends on this delightful day. Hope you enjoy your time together today!



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