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5 Romantic Dinner Places in Bali that will Make Your Day Memorable

Are you looking for a romantic place to eat with your partner on the lovely island of Bali?

Make an unforgettable day with you and your partner. And celebrate special days just two of you at the amazing landscape of the Island of the Gods.

We have picked five romantic dinner places in Bali for you and your partner to enjoy on your special day.

1. The Sayan Ubud

Ubud is indeed the most romantic place in Bali. Not so far from the city centre, Ubud offers a peaceful atmosphere and still has a robust natural feel. You and your partner can have a romantic dinner while at the same time watching the sunset in the afternoon, with views of the Ayung River and the green expanse of trees as far as the eye can see.

You can order selections of mainstay menu starting from sopa chawanmushi as appetizer with a combination of chicken eggs, shitake mushrooms, shrimp, and chicken doused in a refreshing dashi (broth) sauce. And afterwards you can enjoy main delectables such as the popular King Prawn Jambalaya, Salmon Saiko - Yaki, and the delicious Nikkei Beef Steak! The Sayan Ubud does serve unique and tantalizing contemporary Asian cuisine. Enjoy a romantic dinner at The Sayan Ubud and get a 20% discount using JOOi e-pass.

2. Aroma Restaurant

A romantic dinner on the beach can be the best choice to spoil your partner. Aroma Restaurant is the right choice for a romantic dinner with views of the white sandy Jimbaran beach with a refreshing sea breeze. You and your partner can sit on the beach while enjoying the sunset and live music.

The a la carte menu is a definite must-try: grilled fish and shrimp with a special spice mix. The combination of sweet, spicy, and savory is so remarkably delicious that people regularly visit the restaurant every weekend. You can also request the chef to grill your hand-picked seafood displayed at the front. We highly recommend the grouper or snapper, the best type of fish to grill, freshly caught every morning. Get up to a 10% discount by simply showing your JOOi e-pass.

3. Padi Club

Canggu is undoubtedly the best place to relax from the busy city life. Who would have thought a regular hangout place for digital nomads could also be a perfect place for a romantic dinner. You can find that romantic atmosphere at Padi Club Canggu.

Enjoy your afternoon amidst the green expanse of rice fields with so many menus that you and your partner can choose from, ranging from typical Indonesian to Western dishes. From the many food you can choose we highly recommend the Szechuan Chicken Wings, Crispy Duck, to BBQ Chicken Steak Burger. You can sit back and relax at Padi Club with its beautiful bamboo architecture while enjoying its signature dessert, mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream. Apart from the romantic views and mouth-watering food, you can also get up to 30% discounts with JOOi e-pass.

4. Evolution Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy an al-fresco dining experience and beautiful dinner scenery of the Uluwatu area only at Evolution Restaurant and Bar.

Get a taste of Indonesian specialities with 35 authentic menus. Try the Sate Padang Pariaman, rich in Indonesian spices and a fish soup called Pallu Mara, which have a very distinctive taste of savoury, sour, but refreshing. You can also get a 20% discount by showing your JOOi e-pass.

5. Panen Padi

If you are looking for a romantic, intimate dinner, try Tanah Gajah Resort. You can experience a restaurant with an open-kitchen concept called Panen Padi. With a refreshing view of the rice fields and the charming sunset sky, adding an extra kick of romance to your dinner date.

Panen Padi is synonymous with traditional cuisine combined with classic Western dishes. The presentation is also outstanding. The ingredients used come from the organic garden of Tanah Gajah Resort. Try ordering the Prawn Laksa, with broth so thick of spices and the famous Grilled Fish, which we definitely recommend from the place. With the JOOi e-pass, you can also get a 20% discount.

And that was the end of our list that you and your partner need to visit. Don't forget to bring your JOOi e-pass and get various benefits with only one pass!



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