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6 Amazing Things To Do at Nusa Dua

Weekends are the most awaited time during the week. With such a short vacation period, weekends become a one-step getaway from everyday work. There’s no need to go far away to find the best sensation of a weekend holiday. Nusa Dua is the perfect place for you who are looking for a short vacation all in one place.

As a tourism destination, Nusa Dua is famous for its luxury resorts, clean white sandy beaches, and various tourist-friendly areas. Here we have selected 6 amazing things that you can do in Nusa Dua!

1. Sunbathe at Geger Beach

Geger Beach is one of Nusa Dua's white sand beaches. The fine sand and calm waves are perfect for sunbathing, located close to popular resorts in Nusa Dua. Apart from being a suitable place for sunbathing and relaxing, you can also do other activities, such as swimming, playing water rides, or having a picnic together with your family.

2. Play Water Rides

Your trip would be incomplete without trying Nusa Dua's famous water rides. Located in Tanjung Benoa, you can find various fun water rides, ranging from snorkeling, tubing, fly fish, jet skis, coral fishing, water skiing to wakeboards. You can also try parasailing, banana boat, and fly board. Feel the sensation of challenging water rides with the fresh sea breeze and the bashing waves of Nusa Dua. Book activities from our website and get 50% to 80% discounts by using your JOOi e-pass.

3. Go Seawalking

Try on a unique underwater experience and set foot on the ocean floor, witnessing hidden underwater gem. Located in Tanjung Benoa. You will be invited to walk and dive deep underwater with an airtight helmet. You don't need to worry if you can't swim, because this activity is designed for people who can't swim or have diving skills but still want to see the view of underwater life. By booking through our website, you can also get a 50% discount using JOOi e-pass.

4. Visit Puja Mandala

Other than rides, Nusa Dua has one of the most exceptional religious sites. Puja Mandala is a complex of five religious sites located side by side. Here you can find Mosque, Catholic Church, Protestant Church, Vihara, and a Temple. At first, this worship complex was only a place of worship for the public living in Nusa Dua. Now, Puja Mandala is also a tourism destination and an example of inter-religious harmony in Bali.

5. Relax at Havenly Spa

After spending time sunbathing and playing water rides, your body must've been exhausted from all the fun. Come and get the best spa relaxation at Westin Nusa Dua's Heavenly Spa. You will get the best and ultimate treatment from certified therapists by the hands of professionals. There are a wide variety of treatments you can choose from, ranging from sauna, salt room, and hot and cold tub. After finishing the treatment, you can also enjoy a cup of hot tea and three types of superfoods, ranging from walnuts, strawberries, and dark chocolate. With a pleasant and refreshing spa experience. JOOi e-pass can also make your lifestyle worth every cent. You can get a 50% discount during your visit to Westin, Nusa Dua only by becoming a pass holder.

6. Watch a Spectacular Teppanyaki Cooking Performance at Hamabe

Looking for new scenery to eat, try on Hamabe, delivering a Spectacular Teppanyaki Cooking Performance every time. While waiting for your food to be ready, you can watch a theatrical cooking performance right in front of your eyes. Feel the sensation of being in a traditional Japanese restaurant and satisfy your appetite with high-quality grilled meat at Hamabe, one of the restaurants in Westin Nusa Dua. Don't forget to bring your JOOi e-pass as you can get a 15% discount by only becoming a pass holder.

And those were the six recommended places to come and have a weekend getaway in Nusa Dua. Wish you a happy holiday!



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