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Bali Best Family-Friendly Villa Recommendation

Hi JOOibuds, we are back with 2023 recommendations on the best villa for a family vacation. It's not a secret that Bali Indonesia is one of the best destinations for a family vacation. In our previous article, we mentioned the best things to do on the Island, but today we will dive deeper into where to stay in Bali and why villas are instead of hotels. So why villas? We highly recommend staying at a villa rather than a resort or hotel for a family vacation, especially if you're traveling with a toddler. Surely, all moms out there understand how hard it's to travel around with a toddler. Preparing their food and a bottle of milk will be a hassle if you stay at a hotel. On the other hand, a villa would be a perfect choice, with bigger space and a private kitchen, you name it. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite villas all over the Island that you can choose from.

Tis Villa, Seminyak

Tis Villas Seminyak offers modern Balinese-style villas with open-plan living and dining areas overlooking each villa's private pool, allowing guests to enjoy the calming breeze against the tropical heat of Bali. It is just a 10-minute stroll from Seminyak Beach and popular dining options.

There are two and three-bedroom villas at Tis Villa Seminyak. Two pavilions surround a private pool and tropical garden in the two-bedroom villas. There are two roomy bedrooms in each villa, each with its bathroom.

Quick Check! Make sure you got the right Indonesia Visa to enter Bali

Uma Giri, Ubud

In the hamlet of Laplapan Ubud, on top of the Kelantung River canyon, you'll find the luxury villa resort renowned as Uma Giri Villas. Magnificent and opulently furnished villas in a clear rainforest, surrounded by luscious rice fields and palm trees as far as the eye can reach, with the sounds of chirping and the rushing rivers inviting you in the foreground. Uma Giri is dedicated to providing the greatest service and experience, focusing on getting you to feel like you're staying at home. All is accomplished with the help of qualified local talent and well-trained employees. K-Club, Ubud

K-Club Ubud comprises 30 fully furnished villas that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. It also has an organic restaurant, a novel form of spa, and a warm pool club. The peaceful, lush woods may be seen from the yoga and workout facilities.

Your little buddy will be able to learn about nature at their tiny farm. Construction on this project started in early 2019 and has progressed consistently through the extremely difficult year 2020—all to give the best hospitality to the guests who chose K-Club as their favorite destination.

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Talisman, Canggu

Talisman Villa Canggu will astound you with its stunning aesthetic design and meticulous construction in the midst of Berawa's hectic atmosphere. The two units of the three-bedroom villa will welcome you with a stylish atmosphere and modern touches.

As this "Twin Villa" arrangement is not something new, and there are several similar villas with the same layout in town, Talisman Villa Canggu will delight you with the varied groove and atmosphere as you begin your dream vacation at the Island while you lounge and sunbathe on the rooftops adjacent to each villa. Hasian, Jimbaran

HASIAN is a Bataknese expression that originated in the stunning Danau Toba region of North Sumatra and is used to express love and affection. As the name suggests, you will experience Hasian hospitality throughout this expansive and opulent villa in Jimbaran, Bali, and feelings of affection are in every property area.

Ready to grab your luggage and celebrate the New Year with us in Bali? Let us know which is your favorite option to spend some quality time with your loved one, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding all those villas we mentioned above. We will be more than happy to assist you. Well, last but not least. See you in Bali, JOOibuds.

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