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Bali On Budget: How to Stay On Budget in Bali

It is known that Bali Indonesia is one of the most affordable destinations that you can visit and explore every corner of this beautiful island without breaking the bank. Staying at a luxurious villa in the middle of the jungle while enjoying a candlelight dinner with a special person might be the choice for some, but mingling with people from all over the world in Canggu, while strolling around the beautiful beaches nearby might be exactly what you need right now. JOOi is committed to being your best travel buddy, and making sure that you will be able to get the best holiday experience on a budget is one of them.

This tour package will be perfect for you and your loved one to wander around the Island while staying on a budget. Don’t worry about the accommodations, a gorgeous guesthouse in the middle of Canggu is ready to welcome you for 7 days onwards, as well as a well-equipped scooter for you to stroll around the island.

Your day will start by exploring every hype place in Canggu while enjoying the beautiful sunset at Berawa beach. Day two is where the fun begins. Have the best time of your life in Tanjung Benoa, where you can experience the thrilling watersport down there, then get down to Melasti beach, Karang Boma & Uluwatu temple, to complete your Uluwatu trip. A day well spent, we might say.

Staying on a budget doesn’t mean you have to cut the fun, there are a few tips that we recommend you do during your stay to maximize the fun without feeling guilty afterward. The secret to exploring Bali on a budget is to stay away from the tourist hotspots because the costs there are always higher than normal. For the same meal, restaurants will charge a few dollars extra, while hotels may sometimes charge twice as much or more without offering better services. That is why on your third day, we suggest you visit places like Amed beach & Blue Lagoon in Karangasem where the scenery is super pretty, but not that touristy to maximize your budget. You might as well visit some local warung & eateries around the area to experience Bali to the fullest while staying on a minimal budget.

Make sure you got the right Indonesia Visa before entering Bali!

Gianyar & Ubud are waiting for you in the next following days. Start your morning with the Tegalalang cold breeze, the green rice field is ready to energize your beautiful morning. Then head down to some of the most stunning waterfalls on the Island, which are located pretty close to each other. Tegenungan & Blangsinga Waterfall, then you might end your day by getting to know Bali's very own special ritual, Melukat, or having the coziest spa with your loved one.

Ubud snatched the crown as the best city in the world for a reason, beautiful scenery, hype places & fun attractions. Your journey in Ubud will start with rafting, where you would be able to get down on the thrilling Ayung river, but do not worry your fun adventure won’t stop there since the fabulous jungle swing is waiting for you in Alas Harum, Ubud.

All in all, we promise you that this experience will be the best one without breaking the bank in any way possible.



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