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Bali Travel Essential: Full Guide for Bali First Timers

Getting ready for your next trip to Bali? Hold your luggage, here are some tips and travel essentials for Bali first-timers. Everything from the best time to visit Bali, currency, to what kind of visa is the most suitable for you

Here is our ultimate guide for the first time visiting Bali Indonesia.

Out of the more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali is without a doubt the most well-known. It is situated in the Indian Ocean. The island is located between Java and Lombok to the east and west, respectively. In addition to the main island, Bali is also home to the Nusa Islands (Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida).

More than 4.2 million people are living here. Balinese people make up around 90% of the population; the remaining population is Javanese, Madurese, and other indigenous Indonesian ethnicities.

Language - What is Bali Official Language?

Aside from the Balinese language & Bahasa Indonesia, English is widely spoken since the island is a well-known tourist destination. A mix of other languages is also available even though it is not widely spoken such as Korean, Hindi, and Japanese.


Even though Indonesia is a well-known majority-Muslim country, this special island is different. 90% of the population is Hindu. However, Balinese Hindus are different from India or other parts of the world, Most Balinese are super religious and deeply believe in Karma. They believe that everything is a causal effect. As you sow, you shall reap, that is why it is widely believed that if you got scammed in Bali, the scammer is most likely to be a non-Balinese people because the locals won’t have the guts to do harmful things if they don’t want it to bite them in the back later on.

Visa - Do you need a visa to visit Bali?

You don't need to apply for a visa and can enter Bali for free if your stay is only for 30 days or less. However, only about 170 nations fall under this category, so please double-check the official list before traveling just to be cautious.

You must depart Bali after your 30-day stay is over since the free visa cannot be extended. You must acquire a Visa on Arrival (VoA) at the airport or a visit visa, which is the B211A visa if you are confident that you plan to stay in Bali for more than 30 days. While KITAS is a good option for a prolonged stay.

Currency - What is the currency in Bali?

The Indonesian Rupiah is the accepted local currency in Bali (IDR or Rp). Due to all the zeros, rupiah sums are often exceedingly high. IDR16,150 is around 1 USD and IDR15K is about 1 EUR. As a result, prices are frequently stated with the thousands inferred and left off the end. Therefore, if someone uses the word "one hundred," they most likely mean IDR100K. (around 7 USD or 6 EUR).

Bali is a cash-based society, therefore you should always have some cash on hand. Most hotels and eateries in the city accept credit cards for payment, but you will need cash for everything else. Your wallet will always be full of banknotes since the IDR 100,000 bill has the greatest denomination. Make sure you don't bring your smallest wallet with you!

Best time to visit Bali - When is the best time to visit Bali?

The ideal time to visit Bali depends on a variety of factors, including the weather and the high and low seasons for "school holiday schedules," which have an impact on both the cost of lodging as a whole and the number of other travelers who will be staying there with you. The most ideal months to visit Bali are May, June, and September, while April and October are also wonderful options.

It's the end of the dry season, right before or after the high season, and a little less humid. During the shoulder seasons, many stores have deals and specials, restaurants are less busy, and Bali is generally a little more laid back. Not too terrible either, with far less rain than in November.

Electronics - What sockets & plug to use in Bali

You may want to bring along your smartphone, tablet, ebook reader, or even a laptop for taking advantage of free Wi-Fi in cafes and guesthouses. If you opt to bring fragile electronic devices, know how to protect them in a tropical environment. Indonesia uses the round, two-pronged, CEE7 power outlets common in Europe. Voltage is 230 volts / 50 Hz.

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