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Celebrating Nyepi being the Inspiration for Evaluation

Each year, the Balinese celebrate the Caka new year or Nyepi. When this day takes place, no one in Bali is allowed to do activities outside their homes. The streets turned silent, and the whole neighborhood became pitch black at night. This one-of-a-kind atmosphere can only be found in Bali.

Why is this tradition need to take place?

Nyepi is believed to be a day of transition from old to new behavior of life. The Nyepi calendar is based on the Tilem Kesanga count (Caka calendar). This day is specially made for the Hindus to observe the four taboos called Catur Brata Penyepian. The four taboos are Amati Karya (Not working), Amati Lelungan (Not traveling), Amati Geni (Not lighting a fire), and Amati Lelanguan (Not having fun).

Nyepi is not just a celebration, but Nyepi is also a one-day full of peace and remarkable serenity to everyone living in the island. It is ultimately the quietest day in one year, a great time to reflect and be inspired. No one is allowed to do activities outside their homes. Nyepi is a perfect day for self-evaluation or to enjoy one day of contemplation in a quiet and peaceful setting.

Not only that, Nyepi turned out to have a tremendous impact on the planet. As everyone in Bali stayed at home, there were no vehicles running, and all the lights were turned off. This one day of silence reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tons and greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent, helping to reduce global air pollution.

During Nyepi, no economic activity occurs, including flights being suspended for 24 hours. Nyepi was also the inspiration for the United Nations to hold World Silent Day, which is celebrated every March 21. This activity is to stop using electricity and all activities for 4 hours.

Nyepi is truly an inspiration to everyone. Happy Nyepi Day for those of you who are celebrating, Happy Silence Day.



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