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#SUKABALI For You Who Miss to Come Back

Who doesn't miss Bali?

Bali is indeed a spectacular gem to everyone in all corners of the world. In Bali, you will get an extraordinary sensation of the Island of the Gods, which presents the beauty of nature, culture, cuisine, and the friendliness of its people. In the midst of the pandemic, sadly Bali had to go under isolation from the outside world, now Bali is ready to welcome back its tourists.

Longing for a refreshing breeze of the Indian Ocean and the soft sandy white beach? Bali's beautiful panoramic sunset view is truly one of the most unforgettable pictures people cannot get out of their heads for. And that's not all, beautiful mornings greeted by birds chirping to welcome the morning sun is something you cannot just missed. The positive note of nature is something you cannot get outside Bali. Bali delivers a sense of happiness from its nature well-being, a place of serenity, and always brings joy to everyone who visits it.

Bali's most unique traits especially are how authentic and conformed its people are. Following the locals making canang offerings in temples, streets, and even on the beach. The locals have a great mindset of how people should be grateful to the universe and everything that comes with it. So, don't be surprised if every Balinese ritual you attend is a manifestation of prayer and great hope for all of the participants.

Through #SUKABALI, we want to invite everyone who misses Bali to come back and reconcile the feeling of joy from the moment they step foot on the island. The huge love of people longing to visit Bali (Suka; read suke, which means joy in Balinese) led us to summarize it in one campaign #SUKABALI.

We want to take you on a journey to explore iconic places in Bali. Starting from the temple, subak, to the beach. The flexibility of the Legong dance movement is an expression of gratitude and a form of appreciation for the Balinese people towards their ancestors who have bestowed blessings, it is truly a representation of Bali as a place that always been blessed by the Creator.

The optimism to welcome tourists back is also inseparable from the government's efforts to intensify CHSE certification for every tourism business. The locals, especially tourism business parties, have all been vaccinated. Bali is safe and is now ready to welcome you back to Bali.



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