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Top Things To Do in Bali – Fun & Unique Guaranteed

You might be wondering what to do in Bali, Indonesia ? What are the most recommended activities & what are the fun things that you can do around the Island. Bali is well-known for being a paradise on earth, with beautiful white sand beaches, and exotic views, but best believe that is not all Bali could offer. There are tons of fun and "anti-mainstream" activities that you can try in Bali. Here are the top 5 that Jooi specifically curated for you.

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

You do not need to go to the US or Brazil to enjoy one of the greatest phenomena that nature could offer. Bali's very own hidden gem is here, even though this canyon is located in a rather busy area, this gem is pretty quiet. Since not so many people know about it, which makes this canyon even more special. Their deep and narrow valley with rocky slopes that are formed due to erosion, gives a very artistic effect on each wall of cliffs that flow from the Beji Guwang river. Though this activity is physically demanding since you need to hike without a proper trail, the view of Beji Guwang Canyon is rewarding.

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Hot Air Balloon Tanah Gajah

Who needs Cappadocia when we have Hot Air Balloon Tanah Gajah Resort, located in the heart of Ubud, this resort offers you a lifetime experience by enjoying Ubud's beautiful scenery from above. Tanah Gajah is the first and only resort that offers a hot air balloon experience in Bali. Flight schedules are available from 6 am for sunrise, and 5.30 pm for the sunrise experience. Grab your back and enjoy Bali's beautiful scenery from above with Hot Air Balloon Tanah Gajah Resort.

Herbs Walk and Jamu Class

Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine from Indonesia, what is so special about Jamu is that it is believed to cure and prevent a bunch of illnesses like sore throat, fever, and flu. Not only that, Herbs Walk offers other activities such as making a natural essential oil, sunblock, and hair oil. Located in the beautiful Ubud area, enjoy a pleasant walk around the paddy rice field.

Batik Painting Class

Batik, also known as "wax-resist dyeing," is a method in which a whole piece of fabric is dyed using a wax resist. It was developed in Java, Indonesia. Drawing the resist dots and lines using a spouted instrument called canting or printing the resist with a copper stamp called a cap, are the two methods used to create batik. In this specific activity you can learn to make your batik using canting, slowly painting a blank fabric with wax using canting, could be a very relaxing and rewarding experience that you can try, plus you can bring your finished product as a souvenir later.

Ceramic Class

Get your creative juices flowing by taking a ceramics course.

This course will teach you the skills necessary to transform a blob of clay into a work of art. This course is designed to help you realize that there are no boundaries to your potential. Making something beautiful brings a lot of satisfaction, but witnessing it come to life thanks to your efforts is the best feeling in the world. Pottery is one such activity that, when pursued with enough enthusiasm, may elevate an ordinary substance to the level of fine art.

This course offers a full pottery experience, including ceramic decoration, cutting, and painting classes.

Bali Exotic Marine Park

The Bali Exotic Marine Park is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation of marine life. Given that we have Indonesia's biggest saltwater ecosystem, we are well-equipped to look after the wildlife entrusted to our care. We also support animal rescue groups and provide charity treatment programs for the disabled. BEMP will give back to society through complex research, teaching, and conservation projects.

The main objectives of Bali Marine Park are to spread awareness on people's environmental responsibilities, offer dolphin assisted therapy for those who are distressed or disabled, and give shelter and medical care for dolphins who have been rescued and rehabilitated.

Royal Sport House

Located in Canggu, Bali, the Royal Sport Horse Bali stables are encircled by rice fields and temples. Everything you need to enjoy riding and training is available at the stables. The horses' welfare is the primary consideration when professional training is combined with enthusiasm and joy of interacting with the horses. In addition to a spacious arena with a professional sand bottom, the horses are allowed to roam free in paddocks every day to play and socialize with one another making sure that the environment are the most suitable for the horses, since it is not only about the human enjoyment but also about the horses well-being .

White Water Rafting

On this eco-adventure in Bali, float down the Ayung River with our skilled adventure guides, paddle along the river, and learn about the indigenous plants and wildlife. Discover secret waterfalls and jump in to cool down in the chilly waters with Bali White Water Rafting. Pull up to the river's edge for a buffet lunch at a local eatery with breathtaking views of the surrounding bush. All necessary safety equipment is provided.

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