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Bali Halloween Party 2022

Everyone's favorite season of the year to get dressed up is back! Halloween in Bali is packed with huge parties and festivities when the island's lively population dress up, slap on face paint, and discover the liveliest fiestas across town.

Halloween is going to be a huge one yet again now that the island is open and venues are back in full gear! If you're looking for the greatest Halloween parties in Bali in 2022, check out our list of events. You'll find both 'Party' and 'Family Friendly' events listed below.

Savaya Bali

First stop, Savaya. The renowned day club Savaya Bali, perched on top the Uluwatu cliffs, will host one of Bali's most eagerly awaited Halloween celebrations. The prominent club is hosting the 2nd Annual Carnival of Lost Souls as a result of growing demand for their Halloween event from the previous year.

An unforgettable Halloween Night experience will emerge from this two-day event. Top DJs from the island, including Andy Chunes, Papu, and Tina Colada, to mention a few, will gather to set the mood on Saturday, October 29. While o n Sunday, October 30, Guy Mantzur and Da Capo have been asked to be in charge of the music & the party for that whole night.

A costume contest will also be held on both days, with huge cash & prize rewards for the best-dressed attendees: IDR 300,000,000 on October 29 and IDR 150,000,000 on October 30! Each day, different categories of Best Costume are featured, and contestants must register to participate.

Saturday's categories are Best Costume, Best Group Costume, Most Unique Costume, and Scariest Costume.

Sunday: Sexiest Outfit

Carnival of Lost Souls in Bali offers a unique Halloween experience that is definitely worth a visit.

Da Maria

A contemporary Italian eatery in the Osteria tradition, Da Maria showcases the diversity of Italian cuisine, wine, music, fashion, art, and friends in the heart of Seminyak. Its exquisite interiors were designed by Roman architects Lazzarini Pickering.

This year Da Maria offers something special to celebrate Halloween with Seminyak party-goers. The theme for this year's celebration is Da Maria Inno Halloween. There will be some exciting guest stars in this event, to name a few, there will be FT Azzam, Soltice, Geramar, Jeremy Jay.

Da Maria is ready to liven up your Halloween festive on Wednesday, 26 October 2022 from 7pm till drop.

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Vault Bali

Next stop, Vault Bali. As one of Bali's renowned clubs, Vault offers something that not all the clubs around here have. Their concept is minimalistic, no glitz and glam. It’s all about music, fun, and parties.

Vault motto is not only that they love underground but also breathe underground, which makes this club unique, and different compared to the others around the area. Thousands of wonderful music lovers, creatives, designers, misfits, and fashionistas have descended its much-loved minimalist stairway into the depths throughout the years in quest of those timeless beats, the newest basslines, and everything in between.

Over the years, hundreds of local and international DJs and MCs have entered the renowned DJ booth, as well as thousands of magical music fans, creatives, designers, misfits, and fashionistas. Vault has always been a location where people can appreciate and get lost in other people's characters. a location where they may discover their own tribe and party till the dawn rises, while also dancing, laughing, and drinking.

For this year's festival, Vault adopted their theme from one of the most popular horror movies to date, House of Wax. No worries, we make sure no murderous brother was involved on this party. However, there will be a number of amazing guest stars ready to color your night. Which are GoodGrip, Vebo, Goatee & Mc Bosman.

We promise that it will be more than just a party since there will be 3D visual experience for the attendees, and there will also be a best dressed competition with 10 million cash prize in total for a reward. Join the party on 31st October 2022 at Vault, Bali.

Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub

What are your plans for the spookiest month of the year, which is soon to arrive? Everyone is welcome to attend the year's creepiest party at Gracie Kelly's! Located in an upscale resort, Bali Dynasty. Bali first Irish Pub is ready to shake up your Halloween night.

Join them on October 29, 2022, for the island's most anticipated Halloween celebration! The Guinness Smooth, Breman Beer, and Singaraja Beer special drink promotions are available for your enjoyment.

Let's dance while wearing your greatest Halloween costume of the year, so make sure it's the best one because they'll be choosing somebody to receive the award! All night long, a live band and DJ will be performing. Visit their website for more details!

Motel Mexicola

The Motel Mexicola, a quirky venue in Seminyak, hosts one of Bali's oldest Halloween festivities. As a nod to its roots in Central America, Mexicola's Halloween celebration is themed on Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead.

Even though it's already funky and colorful, Motel Mexicola transforms into the heart of the fiesta on October 31 when performers, dancers, and DJs converge upon the location for a wild celebration. A costume contest is also being held with cash prizes totaling $1000!

October 31st, Monday. Dinner tables are limited. Book right away to reserve your place!

Azul Beach Club

This stunning beach club in front of the glistening Legian Beach extends an invitation to entire families to celebrate the Halloween season. Azul Beach Club, a stunning three-story bamboo treehouse, is planning a special Sunday brunch to commemorate Halloween in Bali in 2022.

With activities and games for the entire family, Azul's Halloween Family Brunch offers an all-you-can-eat BBQ banquet by the sea. Kids can participate in a "trick-or-treat" stroll on the property of Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa, which is situated beside Azul Beach Club.

Visitors are encouraged to dress up as well since there will be a contest for the best costume with prizes! A Haunted Treehouse Sundown Session is available for the adults-only party on the Azul top level. The day will be pumped up by a live DJ, and you'll dance the night away.

You'll be delighted by the distinctive Halloween fare and beverages served by their resident mixologist and chef.

At 5 o'clock afterwards, the Haunted Treehouse Sundown Session will start. All attendees who dress up receive free admission and a welcome drink.

Parklife Bali

This Canggu family-friendly hotspot, well-known for its kid-friendly activities and play-based education, will organize a Trick or Treat event for Halloween in Bali in 2022.

It's a terrific opportunity for the kids to dress up and put on their favorite costumes, and this committed kids club has planned a full schedule of enjoyable activities and entertainment, including trick-or-treating, a treasure hunt, live performances, and frightening surprises. Tickets are needed for this event.

Enjoy the best time with your loved one trick or treating at Parklife Bali on October 31st 2022.

The Suku Bali

Prepare your costumes for a one-of-a-kind Bali experience: a Halloween Ball! Nightmare on the Hill, an unique event, promises to be a night full of excellent entertainment and distinctive cocktails, featuring two hours of free-flow! Additionally, visitors with the most inventive and eerie costumes will get fantastic prizes!

Nightmare on the Hill, organized in collaboration with Digital Nomads Asia, Nomeo, and Nomads Gomad, will take place at the wonderful gardened location of The Suku Bali. Toshiiki and DJ Jnaro will provide all-night songs of Hip Hop, RnB, and Afrobeats, and the club will prepare a Halloween-themed cuisine for the occasion.

The Blue Door

The Blue Door Club Lounge, one of Ubud's newest nightlife spots, will hold its first-ever Halloween celebration. Dancers, live performances by D'Kay, The Hydrant, and international DJ Justin Timmers performing till the late night will be present at this celebration.

Halloween in Bali wouldn't be complete without a costume contest, and Blue Door is awarding IDR 20 Million in prizes for the finest costumes that evening. This hot Halloween evening will be held on Sunday, 30 October 2022, and some of the most amazing guest star will be there to live up your mood such as D’Kay, The Hydrant and international DJ Justin Timmer. Enjoy party till drop with your friends and buddies at The Blue Door, Bali

Celebrate the spooky time of the year with your loved one at the stunning Bali island, experience all the unique festivities that you won’t find anywhere else. As your best travel buddy, and your Bali tour & travel agent, we are ready to assist you with your accommodation & transportation to hop from one party to the other.



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