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Panglipuran Village: Enjoy the Original Balinese Atmosphere in this Bali Traditional Village

Bali isn't always just about the beach or a snug villa. Try to visit a village as soon as in a while. Here, you could know the way of life and local history. In Bali, you may go to the Traditional Village of Penglipuran. The Traditional Village of Penglipuran is located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali. Because of its place at an altitude of seven hundred ASL, there is little public transportation to get there.

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In addition, inside the place of Desa Adat Penglipuran vehicles are not permitted to enter. Because the principles of homes and streets within the village place are very guarded. Also to preserve the protection of travelers and children. Because of that renting a non-public vehicle can be an option. The experience from Kuta to Penglipuran Village takes 1.5 to 2 hours. It is usually recommended to go through the South Gianyar lane due to the quieter streets. The first time we arrived we were dealt with to a completely stunning village setting. There we will experience the thick environment of actual Bali that has not been touched by way of modernism. Every house inside the village is made similar. All gates and roofs are made of bamboo. The unique aspect is that from the beginning till now the range of homes has remained the same, namely 76 houses. Residents there call it the yard. In Penglipuran Traditional Village, every house usually has four doors to get admission to so that it can be linked with neighbors. Family is strongly intertwined here. The yard is inhabited via 1 to 6 households. Among the 76 houses, there are approximately 20 homestays.

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A few tips, so you can experience a calmer village atmosphere, visit on weekdays. In addition to being acquainted with the villagers, traffic also can see the making of a traditional loloh drink at the residents' homes. Another advantage of vacationing in a traveler village is that we are able to get in the direction of the customs of the neighborhood community. In Penglipuran Traditional Village, all of its residents obey the prevailing standard rules. In fact, within the village provided a place of exile called Karang Memadu. The vicinity of exile is used for people who did polygamy due to the fact of their custom is not allowed polygamy.

In addition, there's also a meracu ceremony, that is a ceremony that is executed if there are residents who violate adat. You ought to go to the Traditional Village of Penglipuran if you want to experience new reports and get to recognize the authentic Balinese subculture.



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