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Best Beaches in Canggu

Canggu, Bali has long been a favorite vacation spot for millennials and features an impressive eight-kilometer-long coastline strip that runs from Berawa to the settlement of Cemagi. Tourists worldwide have long adored Canggu because of the rice paddies and the black sand beach.

Batu Bolong

A large parking area and several neighborhood eateries are available near Batu Bolong Beach. People often eat traditional Indonesian food and western meals at these inexpensive neighborhood hawker stalls. The Old Man's Market, a beer garden in front of the beach, and one of the beach's temples, both located behind a nearby restaurant, are two of the beach's main draws for tourists. Here, they may relax after surfing and sunbathing. Although this beach is smaller, it has many intricate characteristics.

Berawa Beach

A mixture of rock and sand makes up this beach. Due to its adequate and well-liked waves among surfers, this beach is famous in Canggu. This beach is excellent for swimming and splashing, so tourists don't just come here to surf. There aren't many bars or food stands on this beach, but as soon as one approaches it, there are several restaurants where guests may enjoy both traditional and exotic cuisine. Both beginning surfers and backpackers consider this beach their ideal surfing location.

Echo Beach

The most elegant and contemporary beach in Canggu, Echo Beach, is one of Bali's premier surfing locations. Due to the strong tides and underwater reefs, this beach is unsuitable for swimming or diving. However, surfers who enjoy doing adventurous things while surfing adore it. Affordable beverages and fresh fish are available at the cottages on the Echo beaches.

Pererenan Beach

This Canggu beach is located in the northwest and is less congested than the other beaches in the area. Due to the strong ocean current and high tide at this beach, swimming is not recommended. Few neighborhood stores sell food and beverages within walking distance of this beach.

Nelayan Beach

This beach is a hidden treasure between the shores of Berawa and Batu Bolong. This beach is peaceful and serene. Tourists could watch the sunset and witness the traditional fishing method there. This beach is famous among people who enjoy kite surfing since the wind and waves on this beach are conducive to kite surfing. This beach is the greatest in Canggu for swimming in the ocean because of its clean and crystal-clear water.

Canggu is surely replacing Seminyak as an ‘IT’ location in Bali. People worldwide are attracted to this place since the ambiance is exhilarating, with all the beach clubs and lovely villas. As the best travel & travel agency JOOi is here to help you plan your next vacation with the most suitable package tour for you, with Canggu as the main attraction for your trip. We promise this trip will become one of the most exciting for you and your loved one.



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