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#SUKABALI a Direct Representation of People's "Love" towards Bali

International Mother Language Day, which is celebrated every February 21, is a moment to celebrate peace and multilingualism around the world. The day is also a reminder to promote linguistic diversity and all languages globally.

The Balinese language as the mother tongue of the Balinese also inspired us to create #SUKABALI which is a representation of people's "love" towards Bali. In Balinese, the word "Suka" is a feeling of happiness.

When people use the phrase #SUKABALI, they will always recall their time in Bali, a haven of vast traditions and unique culture. We wish everyone to feel happy and have a memorable experience when returning to the Island of the Gods. People's love for Bali also drives people to learn the Balinese language, the one and only language that makes them feel closer to Bali.

For most people living in Bali, the Balinese language is a supporter of the island's traditional culture that continues to live and develop to this day. The Balinese language is the root of everything on the island and is the main attraction of Bali tourism. This is what makes Bali a phenomenal tourism destination that will always forever be missed.

The Balinese language, which is still preserved to this day, makes Bali so famous for its thick culture. In fact, many tourists are interested in learning the Balinese language. #SUKABALI is only part of our efforts to preserve Bali, the Island of the Gods. Given that the Balinese Language is the root of Balinese culture, the island is a place worth return to.



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